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Animal Pak

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Question: Is Animal Pack Bad For The Body?

I am from Brazil and I heard that Animal Pack is bad for the body. Any information about it?

Answer #1

The proper name is Animal Pak made by Universal in New Jersey.

Answer #2

I have taken Animal Pak for 18 years and think it is great. I find it to help some of my physical ailments and feel it has helped me stay young. I'm 67 years young.

Answer #3

I hope it's as good for me it seems to be. I have been working out for two months with animal paks and I have increased my max bench press from 215 lbs to 290 lbs. I am happy with animal paks and my friend took them for years and it didn't have any ill effects.

Answer #4

I am a high school athlete and I have found Animal Pak to help me out very much. I have a lot more energy, and my strength has increased. I haven't experienced any bad side effects yet.

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