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Question: If Boron Increases Testosterone Levels 300%, Would It Also Cause Baldness?

If boron increases testosterone levels 300%, would it also cause baldness?

Answer #1

Boron is an element of the periodic table. This element is richly found in fruits and vegetables. Boron supplements are available and are claimed to double testosterone in a short time and help muscles to grow. The most common supplement, I believe, is "sodium borate". Boron is also used in many other areas. As far as how much the body needs consult a professional.

Answer #2

Boron is one of the worst supplements ever. It does nothing for the bodybuilder, it is a scam supplement. Therefore, it has nothing to do with baldness. You won't get bald taking this supplement, because it will do nothing to enhance your workouts nor testosterone.

Answer #3

Boron will not increase testosterone by 300%. It probably won't at all. This is one of the supplements that is a scam. Don't even bother wasting your money on it because it won't do a damn thing for you. As for baldness, the testosterone supplements on today's market won't cause baldness.

Answer #4

Boron is essential for proper absorption and assimilation of calcium in the body just as magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin D is. Even though it may be a scam for increasing muscle mass, trace amounts are needed for good health and strong bones.

Answer #5

From what I know about baldness, baldness is basically in your genes. If you do not have baldness in your family, you should be OK.

Answer #6

I am very knowledgeable on supplements. Boron is the oldest scam in the book!

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