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Consumer Review: Boron Makes A Good Cleaning Product, But You Sure Don't Want It Floating Around In Your Body.

In a way, boron is essential for the human body, but not because of its use as a catalyst in metabolic reactions. It is because it is responsible for all gymnosperm growth in plants since the mesozoic era. Basically, do you like plants? Do you feel that fruits and vegetables are vital for good health, and that without these you could still be in the same shape in which you are? Boron is found in small amounts in fruits and vegetables, yet as a calcide, the idea is simply preposterous.

Many calcides or bone strengthening additives are made from compounds which contain at least some element form the base family of calcium. Boron is often found only in Borax, or other compounds which combine strange element often not seen together in nature. Stomach acid often cannot even break down any so-called boron supplements, and needless to say, this is anything but good for your body.

Some of the other properties of crystalline boron, the form in which in usually appears, is that it is a good insulator, and hard enough to scratch abrasives. Yes, hard enough to scratch abrasives! These are the very items we use to scratch other tough things such as porcelain and stoneware (when cleaning). I myself do not want boron to be floating around in my body, even if it does do miracles for testosterone levels.

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