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Consumer Review: I Get Really Depressed After Taking Calcium Carbonate.

I have tried taking a calcium supplement on two different occasions. The first time was about two years ago. I took two 600 mg tablets one evening and woke up the next morning with a crushing depression. It scared me so much that I figured it must be the calcium and stopped. The depression left about two hours after it began.

Ten days ago I tried again, taking two 600 mg tablets each day. This time I noticed a more subtle depression after two days. I continued taking the calcium, figuring the side effect might go away eventually, but I've gotten so depressed that I started taking Sam-e to combat it. I am about to give up on the calcium. I am taking calcium carbonate, is there some other form that might not have this effect on me? Thanks for your reply!

Response #1

You're taking too much of the calcium supplement.What you need is to go on a light dosage for it to have any effect whatsoever because your liver ultimately sorts out the proper proportions of calcium that your body needs.

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