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Dietary Sulfur And Arthritis

Cartilage Repair

Question: What Supplements Can I Use To Treat Bone Spurs And Osteoarthritis?

Help, I am 42, female, I am having problems with my hip, back, and feet. X-rays show that I have bone spurs coming on my spine, in both feet, and osteoarthritis. Medication hurts my stomach. Without it I can hardly walk. I have to work 10 hour days on my feet as a hairstylist. Can you help me with a natural herbal supplement?

Answer #1

Bone Spurs are caused from a calcium deficiency. So, the immediate need is a good, easily absorbed calcium supplement. It should be a combination product of more than one kind of calcium and not from oyster shells or bone meal (due to high rates of contamination with heavy metals).

For osteoarthritis, alfalfa and osteokinetics are an awesome combination to add to a well rounded foundation of food supplements .... to lead to healing of damaged cartilage.

Answer #2

Amen to the alfalfa and osteokinetics for the arthritis. I have lyme disease and suffered greatly with lyme arthritis. Thanks to these products and the calcium I am free of pain. Also, many doctors will tell you that bone spurs are caused by too much calcium. Not true. It is caused by a calcium deficiency. Give Shaklee Supplements a try.

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