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Chromium Picolinate

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Question: Is It Safe To Take Chromium Picolinate While Breast Feeding?

Is chromium picolinate safe to take while breast feeding or will it affect the baby?

Answer #1

My lactation specialist told me not to take any supplements while I was nursing my son. She said that the supplement would pass through to the milk and he didn't need the extra vitamins or minerals. Also my primary physician said that chromium picolinate isn't even FDA approved. For those two reasons, I would not take it while breastfeeding.

Answer #2

Absolutely Not!!! Anything you put into your body while you are breastfeeding goes directly into your baby. You taking these pills and then breast feeding would be the same thing as crushing the pills up and putting them in your child's bottle. These pills have been giving adults major side effects, so they could potentially kill your child. Even if you do not have any side effects to these pills, your child is a smaller person and babies aren't fully developed, so it could have a major impact on your child. If it didn't kill them, it could do a lot of damage such as brain damage, blindness, learning, or behavioral problems. Please don't ever take anything you wouldn't give directly to your children when you are breast feeding.

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