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Chromium Picolinate

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Question: I Am Freaking Out Since I Heard That Chromium Picolinate May Be Linked To Cancer. What Should I Do?

I bought a bottle of chromium picolinate today and now I am reading about these links to possible cancer growth, particularly the fact that high doses can break apart chromosome chains causing cancer potential. I am flipping out now as I took 800mcg today. Anyone have any comments? Should I not take it ever again, for a while? Maybe only one pill (200mcg) per day? What should I do? I am scared. Please help.

Answer #1

I am just like you. I bought a bottle 5 days ago, started taking it, checked the net and read all of the horror stories. DNA mutation sounds like nothing I want to fool around with. My bottle went into the trash. I am going to get some more chromium, but a type that doesn't use Picolinate to bind to the chromium. From what I have researched, Chromium Chelavite and Chromium Nicotinate do not have the serious side effects that Picolinate does. Even if it less effective, I would rather be patient for results than screw up my DNA. Good luck to us both!

Answer #2

Well, I bought some Chromium Picolinate yesterday to give my weight loss a jump start! Mine also includes magnesium and potassium. You have to take three capsules to get 200mcg of the chromium. Does anyone know if this is low enough to not be concerned? I have not taken more than two a day. I would love to hear from someone. Thanks!

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