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Chromium Picolinate

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Question: I Had A Terrible Skin Rash That Went Away When I Stopped Using Chromium.

I was an avid, loyal user of chromium for at least 6 years. I swore by it and still do to an extent as far as weight loss and muscle tone, but I have story to tell about it. I had eczema when I was a child however, I outgrew it. About 6 years ago, it came back after not having it for over 10 years!! I was so frustrated and began seeing dermatologists again every three to six months. It would subside for about a month then come back. I could NOT get rid of it no matter what treatments. The doctors began to say that I would have to learn to live with it again and treat it with prevention!

My mother is a doctor (pediatrician) and had been reading just recently about some new side effects of chromium. She told me that one is eczema and skin rashes/irritations! She told me this one month ago. I did not want to stop taking it for fear of weight gain or whatever, but I did. My eczema has disappeared completely!!! And, another best thing is that I did NOT gain weight! Please alert other people to this problem. It was a lifesaver for me!

Answer #1

I have been taking chromium for the last few months as part of the Atkins diet. During the same period, I have had a sense of heat in my head, scalp, ears, and neck that has been growing progressively worse. In the last month, it has progressed to itching that is driving me absolutely crazy. There is no rash, and my doctor has not been able to find a reason for this. I had not made any connection until a friend asked me if I was taking chromium and related her story to me. The very first time she took chromium she had an adverse reaction that caused her to feel that her head was on fire -- lots of heat. I don't know yet if stopping the chromium will stop the itching, but I'm certainly going to try it. If others have had similar experiences, please relate.

Answer #2

I started taking chromium about 2 1/2 weeks ago. After a few days of using it (2 a day, 500 mg each), I felt pain in my fingertips. Then, a rash started to form where the pain was coming from (it looked like I had chicken pox on my finger tips). I wore gloves and kept lots of lotion on my hands and the rash went away. I have had an increase in itching all over. I never knew it was the chromium because I was also taking another supplement. The other supplement was ruled out. So, I started to suspect chromium when it occurred again. 3 days ago, I started getting extreme itching on the palms of my hands, only in the area just below my pinky finger (on both hands- in the same area)! It looks the same as before, all over my palms, like I have chicken pox on one side of my hands, but intense in just that area on both hands. Anyways, the peeling is not nearly as bad because I switched to chromium one a day. Anyone know why I am getting this intense reaction from chromium in just this area?

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