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Chromium Picolinate

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Consumer Review: Chromium Picolinate Gave Me A Horrible Headache That Lasted For 8 Hours.

I have attempted to take supplements containing chromium picolinate on two separate occasions (four months apart). Within two hours after taking the first capsule, I began suffering from an intense headache. The pain was more than from any other headache I remember, it lasted roughly 8 hours, and stretched from temple to temple. Towards the end of the 8 hour headaches, I experienced vertigo for about one hour.

I do not understand the reason(s) why, especially considering my health. I am 32, 185 lbs, and in excellent physical condition. I have no "ills" of any sort nor have I ever seen the inside of a hospital. And to keep it that way, I will NEVER ingest anything with the words "chromium" or "picolinate"!

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