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Question: Is Body Fortress Creatine Powder A Respectable Brand, And How About The U.S. Nutrition Corporation?

Is Body Fortress Creatine Powder a respectable brand, and how about the U.S. Nutrition Corporation? How does it compare to EAS brand products?

Question expanded by another reader.
I have the same question. I have tried to look for information on Body Fortress and its distributor U.S. Nutrition and so far this web page is all that I have found. Their stuff like Body Fortress Betagain had pretty much the same ingredients as EAS Betagain. But it's a lot cheaper. So I'm wondering if it's just a rip off. Does anybody know where to find information on Body Fortress products or on U.S. Nutrition?

Answer #1

If you're talking about Vitamin World's brand of Creatine, Body Fortress, I had the same question. After e-mailing the company, their quality control person got all the info from their lab for me. They sent me the whole breakout which said, basically, that they assay for 100% purity on every batch.

Answer #2

I lost weight when I switched to Body Fortress Creatine powder. I'm careful to drink plenty of fluids. I purchased 510 grams for only 18.99 at an outlet store.

Answer #3

Ok, from what I have been told when I asked this same question to a manager at GNC is that there are only 4 creatine manufacturers in the world. The only difference between one bottle and another is which of the four sources it came from.

Answer #4

I just purchased the Body Fortress Creatine also. Basically I was looking for a low cost alternative to EAS products. The price is right. Does anybody have any experience with Body Fortress Creatine?

Answer #5

I started using Body Fortress Creatine in August 1998 to February of 1999, I've never in my whole life looked and felt so good. I stopped taking it out of my lack of time to work out which is still a poor excuse because I would of needed to boost my ATP levels to manage through the most stressful periods of too much work and no sleep.

I started taking another brand of creatine that was even cheaper than Body Fortress creatine and saw not one result in physical performance in terms of energy, and muscular growth. Body Fortress really does work, now where can I go buy some.

Answer #6

I have been buying body fortress Whey protein and I noticed an error on their serving size information. The Containing mentioned that it had 41 servings, however, it really just has 15! I don't know if this reflects on their supplement quality or not.

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