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Question: Has Anyone Tried The New Cell-Tech Creatine Supplement?

I was wondering if anyone has tried the new creatine supplement Cell-Tech? It's suppose to be the 3rd generation of creatine supplementation, and put and end to all other creatine supplements. I'm reading gains up to 10 pounds of muscle on a week on this stuff. I need first hand experiences before I put up a 100 dollars for this products.

Question expanded by another reader.
I am a 21 year old male who participates in intense weight training. I am 6'3" tall and weight 200lbs. My aim is to increase size and strength.

I have been using Pure Creatine and HMB for the last 2 months with very good gains in size and strength. However, I would now like to try Muscle-Tech's new product Cell-Tech.

* Will I get maximum benefit from Cell-Tech despite having used creatine for 2 months before cell tech?

* Will I need to reload creatine when I start Cell-Tech? I have heard that for good gains it is best to reload after 2 months or so.

Answer #1

I have been looking into Cell-Tech also. I know a number of bodybuilders and weight trainers at my gym who are very into the new supplements and have tried most of them. As far as Cell-Tech goes, one friend of mine who is pretty huge already went on it for one week and had 10 pound gains from it, this taking it twice daily which equals 20 grams spiked. He said a friend of his took it once daily and gained 6 pounds during the week. And these are competitive guys that usually have a hard time breaking through plateaus.

Hope this helps, oh yeah! and also...make sure that you check out prices on this stuff! I have seen it as cheap as 40 dollars for the 4.3 pd. size. Don't get ripped off!

Answer #2

I have tried the Cell-Tech product for about 4 months now. I can't say that it works any better or worse than other creatine products I have been on. I seem to get a marginal benefit from it, certainly not like they claim in the ads. It does seem pretty expensive.

Answer #3

Cell-Tech is all right, no real notices or really big gains. It is the same as other creatine products. Nothing, in essence, can replace a sound and balanced diet.

Answer #4

I have been using Cell Tech for one week. I am using it along with techniques from Dr. Byron Gentry's book ,"Miracles of the Mind". I have noticed that I am loosing body fat in places that I have had no luck with in the past. I have also noticed my circulation has improved. I have been working with a physical therapist because of a recent heart attack. The therapist uses muscle testing techniques. I was having a lot of static electricity problems in my blood and around my heart. This seemed to be a daily build up problem. There has been a substantial decrease in static electricity in just a week. This product does a lot more than build muscle. I plan on using it as long as I have a high compatibility for beneficial results.

Answer #5

I have been on cell tech for approximately 3 months and I have gained 100 pounds on my bench press. No lie.

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