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Question: Is It Safe For An Insulin Dependent Diabetic To Take Creatine?

Hi I'm 14 years old and 6'2 155lbs. and was curious about creatine. I have two questions. To say I am a football player and do work out regularly. I am a insulin dependent diabetic and was wondering has any effect on my insulin with my hormones and everything happening? My other question is when you get muscle cramping from creatine are you still able to run and walk and play football? Is the pain great or no?

Answer #1

I think that creatine monohydrate has very beneficial effects for all types of diabetics due to creatine's ability to convert glucose into ATP (energy). I would suggest drinking 8, 8 oz. glasses of water a day when using creatine. I also think using alpha lipoic acid with creatine would be synergistic. Alpha lipoic acid also converts glucose into ATP and lowers overall blood sugar levels. Alpha lipoic acid also helps prevent diabetic neuropathy. Be sure to closely monitor your glucose levels when using these compounds. You may be able to reduce your insulin intake.

Take care,
Rick W.

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