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Question: Does Creatine Build Correct Muscle Fibers Without Side Effects On Organs?

I am a junior in high school at Cotter High School in Winona, Mn. I am doing a research paper on creatine and its effects on the body. My question is. Does creatine build correct muscle fibers without any long or short term effects on the body and its organs? Mainly, what I have heard, is that it is very bad for the liver. Is that true? If you could give me as much info as possible on this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Answer #1

Yes, I have heard the same thing that Creatine may damage the liver & the kidneys. I think that no one knows about what can happen in the long run. This is what exactly I want to know. I hope more & more people do research on the long term effects. I really wish you good luck on your research & thanks a lot for doing it.

Answer #2

Your question about the long-term effects of creatine is an interesting and widely discussed one. As the previous response stated, we really have no idea of the long term effects, although we do already know that there is or will be a significant buildup of creatine in the body if taken systemically in high doses.

At the cellular level, creatine phosphate (phosphocreatine) functions as a high-energy molecule which complements ATP. Creatine phosphate is phosphorylated to creatine, and in the process, regenerates ATP so quickly that the ATP concentration in the muscle cell remains constant. As a result, an animal can use the large reserve of high-energy phosphate in creatine phosphate to power muscle contraction until anaerobic and oxidative metabolism start to generate ATP.

When applying this to humans and weight lifters in particular, this extra source of energy allows their muscles to lift larger loads (generate more tension), suffer less fatigue during and after a workout, and remain active longer. Muscles that recover quickly can far sooner be used in an intense workout, and thus increase in size much faster. This is the wide appeal of creatine. Remember though, even though it is a naturally produced substance, it can still reach levels that outdistance the amount used even in an intense lifting session. Increasing the amount of water you drink usually regulates these levels enough so that the excess is processed. Once again though, the long-term effects are unknown. This should be researched more fully before contemplation of an extended program involving creatine.

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