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Question: Does Creatine Cause Kidney Stones?

Years ago, I had occurrences of kidney stones made specifically of calcium oxalate. I have read warnings against creatine for those with kidney disease. Kidney stones are not usually called "kidney disease". I am considering using creatine, but I am not sure if it would cause a problem. Are there any reports of increased kidney stone activity in users of the creatine supplement?

Answer #1

I'm afraid that I haven't any studies to refer you to, but what I can tell you is that one of the by-products of creatine is creatinine. Creatinine is an acid, similar to uric acid. The way the body neutralizes acid (which is very harmful to the tissues) is by chelating, or binding, them with such elements as iron, zinc, phosphorus, and calcium. The kidney stones would probably return because taking creatine as a supplement causes kidney damage to healthy people. So, for you, you'd be at an even greater risk. In case you didn't follow what I said above, creatine produces creatinine which is an acid, the body uses CALCIUM to neutralize it, and therefore, you would develop a kidney stone composed of CALCIUM oxalate.

Answer #2

Hello! The article made the statement that "taking creatine as a supplement causes kidney damage to healthy people." If true, this is important, but I have not been able to find any scientific or medical backing for that statement. Of course, I may be looking in the wrong places. Can you provide some? Thanks!

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