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Question: I Know I Am Supposed To Drink More Water While Using Creatine, But Is There A General Guideline For How Much More I Should Drink?

I am a 6 ft 150 lb. swimmer and I have just started using creatine. I know I am supposed to drink a lot more water, but is there a general guideline for how much more I should drink?

Answer #1

You should drink 6 to 8, 8oz glasses of water while taking creatine.

Answer #2

I've been using creatine for 1 year now. The key is to drink lots of water, and I mean LOTS. You have to flood your body Sounds crazy, and if you stick with 5 week cycles you're set.

I think its great. I just hope they don't find a crazy side Effect in 10 years. We're the guinea pigs.

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