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Question: Have You Used AST's Creatine HSC?

Does anyone have any comments regarding AST's Creatine HSC? Also is it worth spending the extra dollars for higher priced whey proteins such as Designer as compared to the lower priced whey protein sold by Sport Pharma, Ultimate Nutrition and Optimum Nutrition?

Answer #1

For those considering AST creatine or any creatine for that matter be aware the positive results will be tremendous but at a cost. I have used creatine following the recommended dosage, on and off, for over one year. In that time, I experienced such side effects as muscle cramps and tears, upset stomach, breathing problems, acne trouble, and cluster headaches. I experienced different side effects with different brands. With the AST creatine came the breathing problems and headaches.

I became so fed up with all of the side of creatine that I gave up using it. I no longer have these symptoms and a drug isn't ruling my life. While on creatine I gained 17 lbs and increased my bench press by 50 lbs. But, since I stopped using the product, I have gained an additional 5 lbs and added another 70 lbs onto my bench. I would say that is impressive considering I am 5'7" 160 lbs. and my bench is now at 335. For those on creatine who think that this cannot be achieved with out the use of creatine, it can. Besides you may be able to bench 300 lbs on creatine, but off it, there is no way in hell you can do the same weight. Creatine allows athletes to cheat their way through hard work.

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