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Question: Is 4200 mg A Day Of Creatine Monohydrate Too Much For A Freshman Football Player?

I'm a teenager living in Chicago, and football is my life. My life's dream has always been to play professional football. Anyway, I'm a freshman football player who has purchased creatine monohydrate. I hope to use it, but I'm scared of any side effects. Is 4200 mg a day too much for me? I'm 5'10" 225.

Answer #1

I would not recommend using creatine at your age. Being a serious freshman athlete myself (baseball) I tried it. I had horrible mood swings and acne. I usually have neither. I also read that teens have enough natural creatine production in their body anyway.

Answer #2

I can only tell you that most creatine supplements (pharmaceutical) call for 5 mg per day, so that is 5000 mg (that is monohydrate), but I tend to agree with the guy before me. I think if football is your life and you're 225 right now, hit the weights even harder. It's not always size, as you know, but raw strength. Stay off the garbage, eat everything that's not tied down, and pretend the gym is the hottest girl at school and start calling her 2 times a day.

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