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Question: Are Half The Gains Made On Creatine Lost Once Creatine Use Is Discontinued?

One of my friends did a research paper on creatine for our school. I heard that when you get done taking it you can lose half of the muscle you just made. Is this true? If this isn't true, which is better, Power Pro Labs or Pro Performance from GNC, both 99.9% pure creatine.

Answer #1

In response to your question on creatine and what happens when you stop taking it for a reasonable amount of time: Well, I took creatine monohydrate for 4 to 5 months and within that time felt a huge gain in strength and muscle mass.

I stopped taking it about a month and a half ago to see what would happen to my muscle gain. I did notice a slowing of muscle growth but not much. And just after taking it for the same amount of time I was on it before, I noticed my stamina had increased tremendously. I'm a boxer and I took it because I heard it helped build the respiratory system. It did in fact while I was on it, but the results stayed even as I went off the substance.

So in response to your question, I've noticed myself that the results do stay with you but once I got off it, my muscles didn't repair themselves as quickly as they had while I was on them. Hope that helps.


Answer #2

I've been on creatine for a while now. Creatine will make you a lot bigger than before, but if you stop using it it won't make a difference. I stopped for a period of time, but I still worked out and maintained my regular workout routine. Of course if you stop working out altogether, it doesn't matter if you're on creatine or not, your body will become weaker and smaller gradually. After a while of non-substance working out, I once again picked up on the creatine and once again got my explosive results.

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