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Question: Can Creatine Stunt The Growth Of Teenagers?

I was wondering about creatine and how it may stunt your growth. Is this true? Also, do you have to be working out (weight lifting) or can you just be playing sports? I am 15 years of age, 5' 10", and 125 lbs. Do you think this is a good age to take creatine. I would truly appreciate any answers to these questions.

Thank You!

Question expandes by another reader.
I just purchased Body Fortress' High Performance Creatine powder. It says on the label that its for adults and to keep away from children. I have read on other labels that Creatine is for all ages. Is Body Fortress' Creatine different? Does their Creatine, or anybody else's Creatine have an effect on a child's growth? I am a teenager and I'm still growing (taller) and I don't want it to prevent me from the rest of my growing taller.

Question expandes by another reader.
I'm 15 years of age, and I want to take creatine to make me bigger. But, I heard that creatine can stunt your growth if you take it and your body isn't through with the growing process. Is that true?

Answer #1

I have played football since I was in the seventh grade, and I wondered the same thing. From what I understand from my coaches and team doctors, you shouldn't start taking something like this until your muscles are fully developed and mature, which would be around 17-18 because it can mess up your tissues. Hope this helps some.

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