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Creatine And
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Creatine And
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Creatine And
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Question: Are There Any Studies That Suggest That Creatine Can Make Athletes More Susceptible To Muscle Strains Or Tears?

I am a school nurse and consequently get questions frequently from coaches about creatine. The latest question that I have received from our football/track coach is as follows:

Are there any studies that suggest that creatine can make an athlete more susceptible to muscle strain and or tears?

I would guess that because of the increase in muscle mass/strength, that strains/tears could become a problem....yes?

Thank you for any information you can provide,
Tammy D.

Answer #1

I am 42 years old and started lifting at 16. I had taken a break and was back at it for about 6 weeks and was taking creatine. I was on the bench doing French curls when my left tricep started to tear. This was two days ago. Thank God my spotter was there, as the hospital told me it would have been a lot worse. I see the ortho doctor next week. It was my third set and 4th rep. Was it Creatine, coming back after a layoff, or getting older? I do not know, but I never tore a muscle before (in 26 years). I am concerned enough to stop using it for now. Anyway, I have a recovery ahead of me. Any gain from the Creatine will be lost in my recovery.

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