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Question: How Will The Consumption Of Alcohol Effect A Person During The Loading Stage With Creatine?

How will the consumption of alcohol affect a person during the loading stage with creatine?

Answer #1

Creatine is a dietary supplement, just like vitamins. Alcohol flushes the system clean. It doesn't matter what is in the system. The best bet is to lay off the alcohol if you want to see gains by using creatine, whether in the loading phase or in the maintenance phase. You will be wasting your money if you use alcohol while taking creatine.

Response #1 To Answer #1

Actually, I was wondering if I could get a more in depth answer to the question on alcohol's effect on creatine. Now, if I go out and get totally drunk, it's not the same as if I go out and have a couple of beers with my buddies. Is a little alcohol ok? What happens if you drink some water with each beer?

Thank you for your time,
Jason R.

Answer #2

My boyfriend tried mixing the two - a violent temper resulted. After talking to a doctor about his drunken night with some friends, the doctor said the creatine reacted with the alcohol. I don't think creatine works for everyone and all the effects are different for each individual but if I were you - I would be careful. As you can tell, only those using it (and liking it) are endorsing it - I don't use it and don't endorse it at all.

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