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Question: Is It Necessary To Avoid Caffeine While Using Creatine?

Is it true you must cut caffeine out of your diet when using creatine?

Answer #1

There is no problem with taking creatine and caffeine at the same time. Most bodybuilders do it.

Answer #2

From what I have heard, the maximum effect of creatine is not reached if you take it with anything that contains caffeine. Taking it with grape juice or orange juice is probably the best thing to take it with. It has something to do with the way that your body reacts to the drink's contents. Supposedly, the blood can take in more oxygen and at the same time take in more creatine.

Response #1 to Answer #2

I have seen several publications that say that taking creatine with orange juice will decrease the effects of the creatine. They say because of OJ's acidic content, it can tear apart creatine.

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