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Question: Can I Use Hot Water To Dissolve Creatine Without Changing Its Chemical Composition?

Can I use hot water to dissolve creatine? Cold water can't seem to dissolve creatine powder. Will it change the chemical composition of creatine if I use hot water?

Answer #1

Creatine does not dissolve in water. Even if you use hot water, only a very little bit will dissolve. I've heard creatine should not be mixed with hot fluids. It would reduce the uptake.


Answer #2

Creatine WILL dissolve in hot water or faster in boiling water. It may start to break down, but only slowly. So as long as you store it in the fridge or take it straight away, it will still work. It did for me anyway.

Dissolve 5 grams (1 heaped teaspoon) in about a pint of water and drink it gradually throughout the day. Don't take it in the evening or you will be having to get up to take a piss during the night. It is much easier for your body to absorb it if it is dissolved. Try adding some glucose powder to it to aid in the uptake by the muscles. This also worked well for me. Otherwise, take it with grape juice or pineapple juice. It does react with citrus juices. You can handle a little bit more after a work out.

Jon S. (Australia)

Answer #3

Yes. My Creatine even recommends that you mix it with warm water. The Creatine dissolves then re-formulates in your stomach.

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