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Question: Does the Creatine-Based Product Cell-Tech Have Any Harmful Side Effects?

I was wondering if there are any harmful effects to the body from taking a creatine based product called Cell-Tech.

Answer #1

I'm 17 years old and I have been taking Creatine for about 2 months now, I see very big changes in my form. I would like to tell you that I tried Cell-Tech's Creatine because I wanted to know if it really is the big increase that it says it gives. What can I say is more strength but nothing else, and it tastes horrible too. So do not bother to take it its basically the same stuff as any other Creatine out there.

Answer #2

Cell Tech hasn't made any big difference in my size at all. I read all this great stuff about it on the internet and spent a fortune on the stuff. It did almost nothing for me except that it tasted horrible. I wouldn't recommend using any kind of creatine. It is a waste of money. Plus, it's kind of scary that nobody knows if it's bad for you.

Answer #3

Cell tech is the best supplement I have ever taken. It increased my overall mass and strength, Within two weeks of taking it directly after workouts, everyone I knew noticed a difference in physique. As for bad taste, I beg to differ. Cell tech made by muscle tech has a grape flavor that's not bad t all. I mean what are you expecting, a banana split flavor or what? If you're serious about taking supplements at all, this is definitely one to try.

Answer #4

CELL-tech is a great supplement. I was kind of stuck in my gaining (I'm 21 years old and 5'11) before I used CELL-tech. I weighed 175. After 2 weeks, I gained 10 pounds already.

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