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Question: Does Serum Creatine Have An Advantage Over Taking Creatine Powder?

Does serum creatine have an advantage over taking creatine orally? Please explain the "Pharmacokinetics" involving absorption and clearance between these two forms. Will there be additional adverse effects with the serum form, or is it truly a superior form of creatine? Have there been any tests.

Answer #1

After reading about all of the great claims of serum creatine, I decided that I had to try it. Never in my life have I been more disappointed in a product. It was about a dollar per serving and I got no results whatsoever from taking it. It isn't that creatine just doesn't work for me either. I have been on the powder and I made significant gains with it. You will save yourself a lot of time and money by bypassing this product.

Answer #2

I saw that liquid creatine is better than powder because there is no loading phase. You only need to take it right before workouts. You don't have to take it when you don't work out.

Answer #3

I have just recently started taking creatine serum, but before I say anything else, I would like to first state this. Due to genetics and such, the body chemistry of different people can be quite different, so what works for one person make not for another. Saying something doesn't work because it didn't work for you is, in a word, ignorant.

This is what I can say from my personal experience: creatine serum works for me. I have noticed increased muscle endurance, as well as faster recovery, and muscle gain (part water retention, part muscle). I've never taken the powder form of creatine, so I cannot compare in that respect. I have also read some of the bad things that are said towards the serum and creatine in general. Most being muscle tears or claims that creatine causes kidney and liver damage.

First, STRETCH, and learn how to stretch effectively. With increased exertion, your current stretching exercises may not be cutting it. Second, KNOW YOUR LIMITS. Pushing yourself too far is what leads to serious injury. Third, in some cases, due to differing body chemistries and such, creatine could have serious side effects. BUT, for the most part, it has been proven safe. If creatine doesn't seem to work for you, don't consider it your mission to announce to the world that it sucks. Just don't use it, and don't be closed-minded. I am no expert, but all this just seems like common sense. Thank you for your time.

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