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Question: Can Creatine Cause High Blood Pressure?

I am a 58 year old male. I teach advanced aerobics and work out with weights. I have been doing this 4 to 5 days per week for the last 20 years. My health has always been excellent. My resting heart rate is 45 bpm and my blood pressure has always been 110/80 or less. Two months ago I began taking Creatine as directed on the label. I felt stiff and weary for the first week or so, then I felt OK for the next 2 months. Then I went in for a physical and my blood pressure was 170/95 and it has been staying in the 160's/90's for the past two weeks. The only change in my life during that two month period was using Creatine. I am not overweight, do not smoke or drink. Is this hypertension an associated condition caused by using Creatine? I have stopped taking Creatine for the last 2 weeks but my blood pressure is still high.

Answer #1

Just read your outline concerning Creatine. I have nothing clinical to tell you except that I have read numerous profiles on individuals who have taken creatine with varied adverse effects. Your blood pressure problem sounds like your reaction to this supplement. I too work out weekly (53 years old), in very good shape, 30" waist, 15" arms, good diet, normal blood pressure. My suggestion to you is to forego any supplementation whatsoever. Natural body building is the only safe way to develop muscles. There are so many supplements on the market we know precious little about. We are "downing" these pills at an alarming rate with no thought to the long-term effects. You are lucky you are experiencing yours now. At least you can do something about it before it's too late. It would seem obvious to me the Creatine is not the way for you to go. I hope my little sermon will benefit you in some way.

Answer #2

I too had problems with elevated blood pressure while taking creatine. I am an active, healthy, 29 year old male with no previous history of serious illnesses. I have been lifting weights since 1992 and have naturally gained considerable muscle mass since then (my weight has stabilized to about 220 lbs).

It was only until 24 months ago that I started taking creatine, as directed by the supplier, to boost my energy during my workouts (I also take protein supplement shakes). When I realized that my elevated blood pressure readings (~160/~90) were not due to chance variation, I became alarmed and suspected that this problem was probably due to some aspect of my weightlifting habits--i.e. weight gain, protein supplementation, and creatine.

Two months ago, I completely stopped lifting weights and, more importantly, I discontinued taking creatine. Lo and behold, recently my blood pressure readings have decreased to normal levels of 120/80. Although, I am not certain that creatine was the sole cause of my elevated blood pressure, I do not feel that the purported advantages of taking creatine are worth the risk of having high blood pressure. Caveat emptor!

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