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Question: I Had A Kidney Removed 15 Years Ago. Is It Safe For Me To Take Creatine?

Since about 3 years I lift weights. When I start to lift weights I weight about 115 Ibs. Now, 3 years later I weigh about 135 Ibs. I never took creatine, but I want to know If it is dangerous to me. I am not sure if I should take this stuff, because I have only one kidney: When I was three years old I had cancer on my left kidney. So the kidney has been removed and I live since 15 years only with one kidney. I need no medicine or pills to live. I live a life like every other person, but with only one kidney. My problem is, that I don not gain weight. I can eat what I want, but nothing happened I stay at 135 Ibs. So what can be the solution for this problem ? Is creatine for me a good solution or is it bad for me, because having only one kidney ? What can I do to gain more weight ?

One thing is most important to me. MY HEALTH! Muscles are good but not everything! Thank you for reading this. Sorry for my bad English, but I am from Germany and I live in the U.S. just since two month. Write me your opinion about this. Thank you very much!

Answer #1

No, definitely not. If you only have one kidney, why take the risk of losing the other and needing to go to a dialysis center every other day to have your blood filtered? Definitely not worth the risk. Talk to your doctor if you want to take the risk but it really isn't worth it. Eat protein, work out, and have a good diet and you will be fine.

Another thing is, maybe you are genetically predisposed to be 135, many people just cannot gain weight because of genetics. Also, if you are strong, then who cares? make up for your weight in strength.

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