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Question: Is It Safe For My 11 Year Old Son To Start Taking Low Doses Of Creatine?

My 11 year old son is very athletic, in addition to the sports he plays, he has also been lifting weights for about a year now. He wants to begin taking a very low dosage of creatine. Is this safe for him? Have studies been done on the long term effects of this supplement? What happens to excess creatine in the body? Is it stored in muscle cells or expelled from the body?

Thank you,

Answer #1

I don't know answers to all of your questions, but I do know this. Your son may be too young to be weight lifting. If boys or girls lift weights before they have finished growing then they will probably stunt their growth. Your son may not be aware of this, and although he may not be too happy to hear it from you, he will probably appreciate it in the future.

Answer #2

No, it is not safe for your son to be doing anything like that at his age. First off, take it from me, I started working out at twelve, my father is 6'1. my brothers are 6'0 and 6'1. I am 5'4, and guess what? They didn't work out. And the creatine thing, it has only been around ten years or so. So no one knows about effects long term because it is impossible for research to have been done on it.

Answer #3

No, No, No, definitely not. First of all, lifting at age eleven stunts a person's growth plates like response #2 said. Not until at least 14 or 15. Wait till high school. He will not experience any gains in muscle and will only do damage to his body. Also, creatine should not be used until he has experienced a plateau in lifting where it is tough for him to gain muscle mass, but this will not happen for a long long time.

Answer #4

WEIGHT LIFTING DOES NOT NOT NOT STUNT YOUR GROWTH!!!! I think your son should wait a year or two before using creatine.

Answer #5

It'll stunt his growth. Trust me on this one. My friend has a dad that is 6'4 and his mom is 5'11. He started lifting weights when he was 11 and now, at the age of 17 he is only 5'7.

Answer #6

I assure you that lifting weights at an early age will indeed stunt one's growth. Under no circumstances should one take this supplement at such an early age. Please be patient and allow your child to grow naturally for now.

Answer #7

The main reason why weight lifting stunts the growth in very young persons is that all nutrients and metabolizers that were meant to make the bone structure grow are used in making the muscles grow. Please tell him to hold it until he is 15 (at least).

Answer #8

NO, I definitely don't think your son should take any supplements or lift at his age. I have coached football for 5 years and I and I tell my team NOT to start lifting until they are at least 13-15 years old (I agree with answer #3). Let him be a kid and when he is old enough, then encourage him to keep in shape, but let him grow naturally for now.

Matt B.

Answer #9

Definitely not. No one should start weight lifting until their bones are done growing. Otherwise, long term effects may occur. These include problems with the joints and it could stunt growth, like many other people said. Exercising without supplements is fine, but NO power lifting and NO supplements at such a YOUNG AGE.

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