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Question: I Am A Recovering Drug User. What Is The Best Way For Me To Use Creatine Without Further Damaging My Body?

I have been taking creatine, by way of met-rx, meta form since August of 1999. Now, important to understand about my personal usage situation, is that I really have not been working out for about five years. I am also a former drug user. When I decided to change the way my life was going, I felt it to be important of having a sound mind, and body. I have in the last four months, put on 15-18 pounds, but aren't anywhere near the physical form I wish to be in.

With all the controversy of effects on creatine, in which I recently have become aware of, I would like some suggestions of a correct cycle use (months on, months off). In addition, I would like some feedback on what brands seem to be the most popular, as well as most effective. I also would like some suggestions on what a is considered a healthy and balanced diet, in which to use while taking creatine monohydrate. This information is essential for me to evaluate what I should do in the future of my personal rehabilitation. The last thing I looking to do is more harm to my body than already has been done.

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