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Question: Creatine Seems A Little Too Risky For Me. What Would Be A Safer Alternative?

I am a 21 year old, who weighs less than 10 stone. I desperately need to gain weight for my mountain biking and football (soccer) and have recently taken to using creatine. However, not being convinced about the safety of the stuff has lead me to considering alternatives. Apart from creatine, what would you recommend as the best way of gaining weight fast and safely?

Answer #1

I really do not know how much 10 stones is, but if you are considering using creatine and are looking for alternatives, it must not be that much. I actually just started using creatine and have seen some considerable gains. The first week that I was on it, I used it all days that I worked out and gained 4.5 pounds.

While I was in college a few months ago, I could not afford to take creatine and read up a lot on what a balanced diet can do for you. I found that taking a good name-brand protein powdered drink immediately after working out and one other time early in the day can help you put on some pounds. Also, increasing my daily intake of carbohydrates and increasing my daily calories by 500 per day helped me to put on the appropriate weight that I was looking for.

I saw some considerable gains and I also increased my mass by changing my workouts to an average number of sets per exercise, while decreasing the reps from 10 per set to 6-8 per set. This also put on the pounds that I was looking for. I am now 6'2" and 209 pounds. This is 14 pounds heavier than when I started changing my diet and switching my lifting program.

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