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Question: Has Anyone Had Results With Creatine Serum That Are As Good As The Results With Creatine Powder?

Well, I've been on creatine serum for about two weeks and I've seen basically nothing. Maybe since it's been only two weeks, I should give it more time. But from what I've read on this site people have seen big differences in two weeks time, and I've also read peoples' bodies react differently. I've heard a lot of bad things about the serum, like that it's just a bunch of hype and doesn't work as well.

So my question is, has anyone here taken the serum and experienced the same gains as on the powder? I haven't tried the powder yet and I'm really thinking about switching to the powder. So has anyone here had good results with the serum?

Answer #1

I am taking the powder and I think that it is wonderful. I have seen a lot of results from it in the last three weeks. I have better endurance, less body fat and am able to lift more.


Answer #2

I think the powder works better. I have been using the serum for 3 months and haven't seen very good results. The Creatine Monohydrate seemed like it did a lot better for me. The serum is more convenient, tastes good, and you don't have to drink a lot of water. But Monohydrate results in the best performance. I believe that serum is just a big hype. After I am done with the serum bottle, I think I will switch back to Monohydrate, or I might give Cell-Tech a try. Hope I am of help.

Answer #3

I have been using the serum for about 2 weeks/8 or 9 gym sessions and have found it pretty good so far. I am certainly lifting much more weight and have bulked out a bit, although not as much as I would like really, but it's early days I guess! I didn't get on too well with the powders, they tended to give me bad and heartburn and I had a constant thirst. Overall, I think I prefer the serum.


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