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Question: Is Creatine Safe For An Insulin-Dependent Diabetic Teenager?

I am 15 years old and I and I am a diabetic. I heard that creatine was bad for your kidneys and I already have a kidney problem as we speak. I feel that It will help my with football and basketball. So I was wondering if I could take it or if there was any other supplement that would be safer and would still help me?

Answer #1

"I'd be really careful" is the best short answer. I'm a diabetic martial artist who teaches P.E. and health in high school. I don't personally take creatine because of the stress it causes on the liver. Get your protein from vegetable sources (grains and legumes) and supplement your diet with spirulina. Spirulina helps to stabilize blood sugar levels better. As a word of caution, don't take supplements containing the amino acid cysteine either. Unfortunately, it breaks down the insulin hormonal bonds and messes up the absorption of any insulin by cells. Do the teachers, nurse and coaches at your school know the signs of hypo and hyperglycemia? Make sure others know about your intentions. Talk to your doctor or diabetic counselor too.

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