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Question: My 13 Year Old Son Is A Great Athlete, But He Is Very Skinny. At What Age Is It Safe To Let Him Take Creatine?

My son is 13 years old and a great athletic at every sport. The only problem is his weight compared to height. While his skills are high, he is very slim. At what age is it safe to start creatine or any other supplement? I know he has friends that take it, and it seems to give them an edge.

Answer #1

I would let him now, but more is not always better according an official site. At his weight, under 160, he should only take 5 grams twice a day during the loading period and 3 grams a day during maintenance.

Answer #2

My weight trainer says wait. I am a 15 year old football player, benching 265 and weighing 160. I wanted to get bulk also for my sports. But then I got a trainer. I asked if I should take a supplement, and he said no. Wait until the age of 16 when a boy's natural strength comes out or peaks. Then after you have developed, you can use a supplement to improve strength. That is what I am going to do so next year. I will be 16 and on a supplement. But there is one thing that is OK to take...proteins. Have him take some proteins to help body development. Hope I helped.

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