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Question: Does Creatine Affect Women Differently Than Men?

Hi. I'm a twenty year old female athlete who juggles both competitive swimming and track and field. I began taking GNC's creatine monohydrate about one month ago and have noticed a three pound weight gain, despite the fact that I am an extremely health conscious eater. I was wondering if my weight will continue to increase and how other female bodies have responding to creatine monohydrate. Thank you.

Answer #1

First of all, of course you are going to gain weight if you are taking creatine and if you are taking it properly. Being an athlete, you should know muscle weighs more then fat. Also, are you taking the right amount of protein and water? Creatine is fine for women to take. The only downfall would be that some of us women may feel slightly bloated on it. Not a big deal to a serious athlete.

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