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Question: Will Taking Creatine Make Me Look Like Cartman From South Park?

I'm 5'10 and am BEGINNING to work out regularly, 3 times a week, with 30 minutes of cardio and 20-40 minutes of weight training. I am pretty stocky muscle-wise, but I have a gut I need to get rid of. My concern is if I start taking creatine now, will it have the Cartman effect (that's a South Park joke)? What I mean is, will I gain a lot of fat weight from taking creatine? I stayed away from all the Weight Gainer stuff because I thought that is what it meant. Of course people are gonna say "well if you hit the gym and turn those calories into muscle, you wont have that problem." Well, how much working out do I have to do to stay even with it?

Answer #1

Alright. I have been taking creatine for a while now and have not experienced any sort of Cartman effect. I have also been taking a protein supplement, no Cartman effect. Anyway, creatine is a hormone inducer that carries energy to your muscle cells as well as the fact that it fills them up with water (thus the increased muscle mass). And as far as any of the goofy rumors about creatine making you a midget, well...not true as long as you don't go crazy and do those loading period things. Nasty. Anyway, hope I have been a help.

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