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Question: Is Creatine Serum All It's Cracked Up To Be Or Did I Just Waste 40 Bucks?

Does this Creatine serum work? Has it improved for anyone? I know it's being bought up like crazy, you're lucky if you catch a bottle left at the store. Point is, did I blow 40 bucks on something that isn't going to work. Hell with the powder form. I'm not into dumping a cup full of chalk down my throat. I just hope this serum is worth all the hype, cause if it's not, then screw who ever made it out to be.

Answer #1

I have been on creatine serum for 3 weeks now. I started out benching 270, and now I am benching 305. So I recommend this very much. Also, I am squatting 385 and leg pressing 740 (2 sets of 6 reps). I am 16 years old and I weigh 205 lbs, so it is worth the money.

Answer #2

After using both, I would not recommend the serum. I did not see any gains in strength with it. I used it for five weeks. When I took the powder creatine, I noticed significant gains in strength after only a week. This was after I'd been using the serum, which tells me that powdered creatine is theway to go if you want to see results.

Answer #3

I took GNC Creatine Monohydrate for one month. It was the powdered form. It was horrible tasting and did nothing on my bench and I gained no weight at all. I have not tried the serum, which I might try, or the pills, but I will not take the powder anymore. It did not do anything for me.

Answer #4

Creatine is NOT stable in solution for very long! This is a hard fact. Creatine in a liquid medium over time will degrade into the waste byproduct and potentially dangerous creatinine.

Answer #5

I beg to offer a different opinion from the post above. As it happens, I am using creatine powder rather successfully, so I have no axe to grind when it comes to Creatine Serum.

The statement that Creatine is not stable in solution very long is generally made by those manufacturers who sell Creatine powders and have not managed to succeed in stabilizing it in liquid form.

Independent tests of the creatine serum have indicated that the creatine content in bottles of creatine serum is in line with the manufacturer's claims. Now, if it was "hard fact" as the poster above put it, that creatine cannot be stabilized in liquid form and degrades very quickly into a waste byproduct, then the bottle would have contained all creatinine and no creatine. This is clearly NOT the case as published lab results demonstrate.

I hate people posting the kind of garbage you see above. I am not stating that everything MMUSA (makers of Creatine serum) says is true, but the kind of statement made above and by those with vested interests in rubbishing Creatine Serum are no more helpful than MMUSA's own attitude of not sharing the technology they claim to have. Mind you, if you had put money into developing a potentially revolutionary product (if it works!) would you share the golden goose?

As for me, I am using the powder quite successfully, but will continue to review all the available data and make the most informed decision on which creatine product I should use.

Answer #6

I just purchased the ATP creatine serum, and I just used it today before my workout, Let me tell you, I'll be using it every time I work out from this day forward. I used it in combination with a fat burner, and I had so much energy and stamina. It blew my workout partner's mind. When he was tired and lagging, I was ready to add more weight and do another set. It's amazing! But that's just my opinion, and my own experience. I also tried the creatine fizz last year. It tasted horrible and didn't give much results so I discontinued use of it. My dad, on the other hand, got large bursts of energy from it, so I don't know. I guess creatine just works different in all people!

Answer #7

I personally only have had experience with the powdered form of creatine. First of all, creatine in any form is a waste if you do not combine it properly with diet and exercise. I made excellent progress with the powder, but am always ready to try something new. I bought the serum yesterday and will see which performs better for me.

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