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Question: Can Creatine Monohydrate Be An Effective Treatment For The Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis?

I am looking for more information of the benefits of taking Creatine Monohydrate for Multiple Sclerosis. Has there been any studies or information as to whether it would be beneficial to any one confined to a wheelchair because of the disease? I am hoping to find some information for a customer who has become very ill and has been confined to a wheelchair. She has lost most of her strength and her immune system is shot. She has used several drugs, herbals and vitamins without much success. Because of her weakened immune system, all this talk about liver failure and side effects have her worried about using the Creatine Monohydrate. I would love to have any information or testimonials of people with disease such as this.

Julie B.

Answer #1

Personally, I would not try it for MS. Exercise is the key that makes supplements work. MS does not let the infectee fully use the muscle to necessitate the use of Creatine. After all, MS is a "nerve" disease, not muscle. I understand what you're trying to do. If you understand the disease, you know that strenuous exercise is not the best thing. It raises the body's temperature and you know what that does.

Try this web page: Creatine will not get her out of that wheelchair, Procarin might! For energy, I'd try a Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, Ginseng combo (the name escapes me right now) that you can get from a health food store in syrup form along with B12 and a food enzyme (for digestion). But please check out the Procarin site first.

The Best of Luck to You!

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