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Question: What Is The Right Way To Take Creatine Serum? Are You Supposed To Swallow It?

I am a 16 year old male who has been on Creatine for about three months. I am very active in weight lifting associated with football, baseball, and recently wrestling in high school. I first started on the building cycle with powder and continued with the powder for about two months. I then was doing some research on Creatine on the Internet last month and found that the Serum would have more benefits and less risks. In the directions on how to use the serum, it suggests you put 5 ml directly under the tongue. Once you put the liquid under your tongue, is the tongue supposed to absorb the liquid or do you swallow it? If anyone has an answer to my question please reply.

Answer #1

Hey guy, I am a high school football (lacrosse and wrestler for about 6 weeks) player in Spring, Texas. I play at a school called Klieg Oak. Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you haven't. My name is Drew. I'm about your age and know quite a bit about supplements.

I have takinen the "serum." It doesn't work. I've taken a lot of supplements and can truthfully say that the serum is nothing more than a placebo. It will get you pumped for about 5-20 minutes. You're supposed to take it by putting 5 drops under your tongue and wait for it to soak in. Then you need to swallow the excess.

This summer, when I start training, I am going to take the powder because it has been proven. I highly suggest that you do the same and work hard. We had a guy last year who was a small, scrawny linebacker who weighed about 160. Now, from taking creatine, he weighs about 200. He is one of the strongest guys in the school. He used the powder, then switched to the serum and even he says the powder is far superior. Good luck!

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