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Question: Is A Teaspoon Really A Full Dose Of Creatine?

I am wondering if a teaspoon of creatine is full dose. I don't know if you have to level it off or if you need to heap it. I know that a full dose is 5 grams, but after seeing a chart, I have to take 7 grams daily. Fill me in please guys.


Answer #1

I was told to take 10g twice a day and skip the loading time all together. I was told this by the dude that worked there and by a trainer at my school. So I hope that this will help.


Answer #2

Depending on the purity of the creatine you are using, a heaping teaspoon will be approximately 5 grams. 10 grams twice a day? No wonder they told you to skip the loading phase, your maintenance routine is a loading phase. The "dude" is just trying to sell more product.

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