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Question: I Am President Of The British Drug Free Powerlifting Association And I Need Medical Studies Showing The Adverse Effects Of Creatine. Can Anyone Help?

I am President of the British Drug Free Powerlifting Association. Many of our players are using Creatine. Could you give me details of any adverse medical studies so that I may post them in our magazine to warn our members?

Answer #1


This not an answer with data, but there is available scientific information that will help you understand that scientific studies of this nature will give varying results from good to bad. The text "Understanding Disease In The 21st Century" will give you the scientific bases for determining what is good and what is not. Because everyone is different, scientifically everyone will respond somewhat differently to any product or food. When we understand what takes place from a scientific point of view, it is easier to determine if something is good or bad or both, depending upon who is using it, according to their chemical compatibility.

Because of laws of physics, Creatine can be both good and bad, depending upon the person's chemical compatibility with it. Also, these same laws dictate that if it is compatible, it will not remain that way over time and each individual's time period of use will also vary, if they can use it. If they are not compatible, it will hurt them to the degree they are not compatible!

Good luck!

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