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Question: Is Creatine A Good Supplement For Soccer Players?

WIll creatine be of benefit to the soccer athlete?

Answer #1

As a soccer player who supplemented with creatine, I'd say that it's not a good idea to supplement with creatine while in season. You put on a lot of weight real quick due to the amount of water your body will take in while on creatine. And you'll feel sluggish. Trust me on this, I did and felt slow.

If you use it during this off season don't forget to lift plenty of legs, and follow a program like the one in the book "Sport Speed" which has specific programs to increase speed and size in soccer players.

Answer #2

The English footballers Tony Adams and Ian Wright both take creatine. Both are Mid 30s and yet fit and strong for their age. Adams is a recovering alcoholic, very loathe to put substances in his body that might be detrimental to him. So it is approved by professionals, but check out the facts.

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