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Consumer Review: Creatine Is The Latest In A Long Line Of Fads That I've Seen Come And Go In 25 Years Of Lifting.

OK, here's my spin on this Creatine craze. It's a waste of money. I've been lifting weights for 25 years now and I've seen a lot of stuff come and go, claiming to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Remember any of these? Yohimbe, Hot Stuff, MCT's, all the weight gainers, metabolic optimizers, liquid aminos, Weider's Mega Packs, the mega dose of vitamin C craze, Arginine & Ornithine in massive doses before bedtime, etc., etc.

This is just another long line of hype to attract mostly teenagers. Of course they are going to get stronger. It's a normal occurrence for a young man lifting weights on a regular basis. How much of it do you really think was the Creatine? Here's all you need:

1.) a good protein powder
2.) a good multivitamin
3.) a good amino acid complex, including the essentials

That's it. Anything else, you're just pissing your money away and possibly damaging your health with all this crap out there now.

I started with Bob Hoffman's Milk & Egg Protein. Does anyone remember that?

And one more thing, you want to be big, you gotta eat big! You always see these guys in the magazines eating their chicken breast and salad. Bulls–––! I've talked to some pro bodybuilders and they tell me the reason why they don't publish the "true" bodybuilding diet is because it is unhealthy to the common person. Guys told me they'll have a pound of chop meat and some eggs for breakfast. Steaks for lunch with baked potatoes. They rarely eat green vegetables and none of them ever said they eat fruit.

Response #1

Bull. The best thing to eat to get big is four pounds of fruit a day.

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