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Consumer Review: I Tore My Pec Bad While Taking Creatine, But I Think It Could Have Happened With Any Muscle Building Supplement.

I have been training with weights for almost 16 years, with nearly 14 years of very "heavy" lifting when compared to my peers. I never had an injury that required medical attention until recently. I did a three month cycle of Creatine this summer and on my 28th birthday, I tore my left pec while bench pressing.

I found that combining super heavy forced negatives with the Creatine caused monumental strength gains. I also believed it may have played a decisive role in my injury. For example, before the Creatine and forced negatives, I could barely get 405 up in the Hammer Strength shoulder press (although, I had years previous done over 500). After my three month cycle, I would do 245 for 15, 445 for 8 and then find the biggest guy (after me) in the gym. I would put three 100 pound plates on each side for a total of 600 pounds, plus the weight of the machine, which I generously estimate at 45 pounds for a grand total of 645 pounds. I would have the lanky 6' 5", 260 pound spotter help pull up the weight to get past the sticking point. Then, when I would lock out, I would have him pull down with all of his weight and I would hold it back for 15 to 30 seconds. This "negative" resistance may have exceeded 1,000 pounds before the "leverage" advantage of Hammer Strength is calculated in. On my last shoulder workout, I slammed out 445 for 10 in the Hammer Strength shoulder press AFTER two of these monster negatives.

My shoulders, tris, and upper chest were sore from this, but the tendons never hurt. Then, a couple weeks later, a friend challenged me to see how many times I could bench press 495 (I've only benched three times in the past 11 months). I warmed up with 135 for 20 and then popped out a quick 315 for 10. Then we put 495 on. On the eighth or ninth rep, I felt a "pop" in my left pec and saw it bulge out. I instantly knew it was torn and went to the emergency room. Right now, I have a horrible looking football-sized bruise on my left arm and will be going into surgery in less than a week.

I believe I snapped the muscle like a rubber band -- pushed the pecs too far in one direction with the shoulder press forced negatives -- and then (two weeks later) pushed it too far with the heavy benching. I believe Creatine allowed me to gain muscle strength in excess of the time it took to develop the tendon strength required to support such muscle gains. While I believe Creative had this role in my injury, I do not think it ought to be singled out as a supplement that increases the likelihood of tears. I believe that ANY supplement that increases muscle strength carries along with it the increased risk of muscle tears.

Garrett S.

Response #1

Dumb!! Is all I can say to you. Are we to understand you did 1 set of 135 for 20, then "popped out" a "quick" 315 for 10. Then you jumped to 495? In my 25 years of powerlifting, it is so obvious to me that you were not even close to being warmed up for that kind of weight jump. That's what caused your injury! Shame on you! After 16 years of heavy lifting you should have known better. Then you have the balls to blame it on creatine. I take at least 20-30 minutes of benching and stretching just to warm-up and I never had an injury. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Now you'll be "gun shy" for the rest of you life to bench heavy weight again and be prone to injuring that area again.

Response #2

I also tore my pec and was using creatine at the time. I don't blame the supplement, but more I blame myself and the idiot I was working out with that put another 50 lbs on to my already max of 245. I weigh 175 and my max was 245. I was working out with someone that I've worked out with a few times. On this particular day, I came in and did about 15 minutes on the Stair Master and then went to benching. I did a few sets of 145, then started working with 225. Next, I went to 245 for a set of 6, and at that time my so-called partner put 50lbs on top of that. I got the weight down. It felt heavy and when I went for the extension, I felt the muscle twitch and go numb. After that, it hurt just to raise my arm.

The doctors said that it wasn't a good candidate foe surgery. This was 6 months ago and I'm still hoping to find a doctor who could successfully repair the damage. I think the creatine played a roll because, in the past, when I would reach my max, I would just get stuck and need help from my spotter. This time it ripped. Now I've got the same lump as the guy above.

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