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Consumer Review: Some People Blame Creatine For Every Problem They Have. Well, Let Me Tell You What It Did To Me.

OK, please help me understand something. After reviewing this page, I have come up with a list of side effects that many think creatine, a natural substance produced by the liver, does to the human body.

This includes: caused development of asthma, development of kidney stones, headache problems, general kidney pain, a violent temper if mixed with alcohol, mixing with grape juice to get a strong wine (that's OK actually), diarrhea, a man who developed a woman's breasts, heart palpitations, seizures, acne breakouts, insomnia, depression, a decrease in stamina, stomach problems, tearing a muscle, the general feeling that one is going to tear a muscle (don't ask, I didn't). Finally, a person who must be on kidney dialysis the rest of their life. Oh yeah, and a question concerning the decreasing size of a man's stuff. I can see the headlines: "Bubonic plague, cancer, AIDS, and then there was...Creatine."

Now I'm going to list all the side effects I've experience within the last two years of taking creatine. Are you ready? You sure you want to hear this? OK...

NOTHING...minus a major increase in muscle size.

But according to many, I am lucky to have survived this malicious supplement. Though I'm expecting a few 'disagreeable' responses, if only one person out there can see what I'm trying to say, then this is all worth it.

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