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Consumer Review: I Bulked Up On Creatine, But I Lost My Muscle Definition Until I Reduced The Dose.

Being a very lean hard gainer, I did the normal routine for creatine use. After 2 weeks, I gained 10 pounds. It was great. Eventually, in a very short time (a week later), I gained another 5 pounds. I looked big and bulky for my little frame. I liked the bulk (size), but I didn't like that I lost my definition/striations. I sure looked good all bulked up, but I still liked the definition I was now missing.

So I began using creatine only before a work out and at 1/4 to 1/3 the normal dosage. It works great for my stamina and strength DURING the work out. I lost 8 pounds and have leaned up again. Also, I feel better that I have little to fear about whatever side effects (still not fully understood today) creatine consumption may have on my body. I gain weight now by resting and having a good diet, not just by creatine per se. I wonder if others do this too?

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