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Consumer Review: Creatine Reduces The Time It Takes For Your Muscles To Recover Between Workouts.

Well, I started loading on Creatine about 3 years ago. I was a bit skeptical, being that I did not use any supplements, so this would be a first. I read through the directions and proceeded with the "loading" phase and continued on with the regular doses. I have since quit, but am planning to return to creatine use. I have experienced nothing but positive effects from it, and it has helped to increase my performance, thus increasing my muscle mass.

One thing I have heard is that it does not directly enhance your muscles. It only provides the energy, from ADP and ATP production, to keep the muscles from fatiguing and to speed up the recovery time between workout days. For example: a person not on creatine may take two days in between working out to rest the muscles because they are fatigued, and it is taking the body longer to re-supply the muscles with ADP and ATP. On the other hand, a person using creatine may only take a day--if that--in between, because the creatine is speeding up the process, getting you into the weight room a lot faster, and bringing out greater results because of that.

Thanks for reading

Trevor K.
Fargo, ND

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