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Consumer Review: Creatine Helped Me Conquer The Pain of Fibromyalgia And Get Over My Depression.

I'm a 32-year-old female. 5 feet tall and 140 lbs. Until 6 years ago, I was 115 lbs. and very active and very healthy. And all of my life, up until a couple years ago, I ate mostly meat 3 times a day. That is why I stayed healthy and thin. After I got pregnant 6 years ago, some of my chemicals (not just hormones) didn't return to normal. I have had depression since then and in the last 2 years have been suffering from major depression. I also have a yo-yo with my weight and am always losing. I've had a very bad self-esteem problem and no motivation to do anything.

Then about a year ago, 2 events happened. One, I had to start taking care of my Alzheimer's father, and two, I started having extreme pain from a disc in my neck and a disc in between my shoulder blades. I went to doctor after doctor trying to figure out why I hurt so bad. They would all say there is nothing wrong (except excess weight). Then I stumbled upon a website about a pain doctor in Atlanta. A great, detailed website, so I figured this man should know how to get rid of this pain. By then, I was ready for anyone to do surgery to get rid of the discs that were causing such pain that it kept me laid up in the bed writhing from the pain because it felt like someone had stuck a knife in between my shoulder blades.

This doctor diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia, which is a disease in which your body doesn't make enough ATP and somehow the phosphates get stranded in the muscles and become deposited, which makes knots of enormous proportions (or so it seems). Most doctors say there is no cure for Fibromyalgia, and some doctors still do not believe in it at all. It has many symptoms. TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome, depression, sinus troubles, gastrointestinal problems, and the list goes on and on. But there IS a cure for it, which is inexpensive: plain Guaifenesin.

Guaifenesin is a cough expectorant that doubles as a phosphate deposit expectorant. It goes in and breaks up the phosphates and gets rid of them. But you have to be careful not to come into contact with salicylates, otherwise known as aspirins--not eating or touching. And plants have natural "sals" in them so you have to avoid anything with herbs, i.e. supplements, creams. This helped me get out of bed and lifted my depression some to start researching all of this. I felt better, but something was still missing, especially since I had not lost any weight and the depression was still there. Then I found out that something in his protocol (other than Guaifenesin) had something to do with the making of ATP. So I went to a health food store and asked if they had ATP or something to help it. I was directed to a shelf that had a bottle with ATP in BIG letters and I grabbed it up. It turned out to be the serum of creatine and my heart dropped because of all the bad publicity I had heard about it. Then I thought my body isn't making hardly any, if any at all, and didn't worry about it. I got some powder, since the serum has herbs in it. (And we all know that some herbs can go against one's body, especially if they are allergic to them or their source. Along with strenuous activity, they could possibly even cause a heart attack.)

The first spoonful of creatine was pure heaven. The first time in at least 2 years that my body had felt a "right amount" of the natural substance that it was supposed to be making. The reason it had stopped making it was because of the meat and steaks I had consumed all of my life until those 2 years ago. For anyone that eats a lot of meat for the protein or whatever, remember, your body DOES become dependent on the creatine from all of that meat. When one stops eating it a lot, like I did because I fell into the deep depression and didn't feel like doing much of anything including cooking the sustenance I needed to stay healthy, then you can bet that you will develop low levels of creatine/ATP. When I didn't feel like cooking, I ate simple, quick junk which was almost nothing but carbs. I ate biscuits (lots of fat), bread, sweets when I could (since I also developed hypoglycemia), all the bad stuff. Then you get into a cycle with them and crave more and more, which causes more depression and weight gain.

Back to the first spoonful. After a few minutes I felt the pain in my muscles ease, which got me instantly "hooked." After it got into my system good, about the 4th day, I knew I had found the "missing link" that I had somehow lost from pregnancy and got worse. I take 5g in the mornings before I take anything else or eat anything. Then in the afternoons I begin to wear down and become tired and snappy and moody, so I have to have another "fix."

I never thought I would be normal again, but this IS a miracle for me. It takes my pain away, it gives me NATURAL energy (not jittery pill energy, just energy that comes from your body). It gets rid of the fog and helps me think clearer (which IS using the "muscle between your ears"). It gets rid of my hypoglycemia, it helps me not to have to sleep as many hours as I used to. I can get motivated to get things done, AND the first week I took it I lost 6 lbs. instantly without working out or exercising (so you CAN "sit around" and get results).

Last but surely not least, matter of fact this is the best part, it takes away the depression TOTALLY. There is no way to explain the feeling unless you know what I'm talking about. After it has had time to get in the blood stream and pass through the blood-brain barrier, it is like the best drug one could EVER imagine taking and it's all NATURAL (just like the protein and amino acids, it all comes from the body, therefore ALL NATURAL). I can feel it in my brain when it arrives there, doing what it's supposed to (making me feel ALIVE AGAIN!). It is an answered prayer.

No, I'm not trying to push creatine and no, I'm not off my rocker. As a matter of fact, I'm a lot more on my rocker than I have been in years. No, I'm not on a rocker anymore, I'm off the porch! AND I just got the motivation to join a gym and work out! The day before yesterday was my first workout. YES, it DOES make you stronger. YES, you CAN lift more. YES, you CAN work out longer (though after about 2 hours, I DID feel like taking some more because all of a sudden with me, it's gone, but I kept on for another hour or so--don't forget up to this point I had been laying around and in pain all the time). YES, it DOES create fluid retention so those cells can stay plenty hydrated to help with that ever-loving energy. YES, I DID constantly drink water that I had to keep replenishing the whole time I worked out, which also made me pour sweat the whole time too, which in turn burns more fat.

So...before anyone thinks they have the "right" to fuss and complain about something they know NOTHING about and especially if you have NEVER taken it, you better get out there and research it some more and then some more. Number one, I HAVE BEEN ILL and I DO take creatine and it IS a LIFESAVER to me. Number two, it's a NATURAL substance found IN THE BODY. Number three, if you take TOO MUCH of ANYTHING, except GOD and love, it will HURT you. Number four, it's just like a man said, some BRANDS are GOOD and some BRANDS are BAD. Number five, I used to hate drinking water, but I'd rather drink water than have to go back to not having my NATURAL chemicals flowing through my veins and brain again and that means LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of water to keep the cells hydrated and especially to keep the TOXINS OUT of the body. And as far as weight lifting...I'll just have to see WHEN I get there!

So please everyone, research it, don't take more than the recommended dosage, and drink LOTS of water. And teens, please try not to start on this so early because it can dry up your own natural supply and it's not fun then. Thanks for listening to all!

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