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Consumer Review: I Have Been Tempted To Take Creatine For A Long Time, But Now I Think It's Just The Easy Way Out.

I have been lifting weights and running/walking for about 7 months consistently. I have dropped two inches in my waist and made visible gains in muscle mass. I am not an authority on supplements. I can understand how some people could be positive about creatine, especially after making the gains they have made. I have only ever user the "fat burner" supplements. I know they can have some bad side effects as well as long term side effects. I am currently using Xenadrine RFA1 and have been extremely happy with it's results. I believe that I have made some of my progress by it's usage. But, the bottom line is that I could have only made the kinds of gains that I have achieved through my own efforts and positive attitude.

I don't believe that I will take creatine in the future. I have been thinking very seriously about using this stuff, but after hearing the negative stories about some of the side effects, I think I will just say "no".

Like I said before, I have and am currently using a fat burner which in itself makes me sort of hypocritical, but I do not use these products for more than 4 weeks at a time and make sure there is at least 4 weeks in between usage. When I do take them, I try to use them sparingly and if I experience any side effects, I stop taking for about a week until the symptoms subside. I have in the past experienced extreme gas pains and stomach problems. This is a sign that my body is telling me to take a look at my lifestyle and address the problems.

So, I guess what I am saying is to listen to your body. If something doesn't feel right, examine the changes in your lifestyle to determine the cause or consult a physician.

And lastly, I personally feel that any muscle gains I make will attributed to hard work. I think that is the most gratifying feeling. Making gains through any other means of muscle enhancing supplements is cheating. I personally feel I would be cheating myself if I take a muscle enhancing supplement. I am not passing judgement on those of you who take creatine, I am simply giving my opinion of my own lifestyle. Your choice is not mine to judge, as I am sure there have been choices that I have made in my life that some of you would not look at favorably.

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