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Consumer Review: Creatine Is A Useless Waste Of Money. Zinc And Magnesium Will Give You Better Results For A Fraction Of The Price.

First, nothing legal will make you huge other than proper training and nutrition. Supplement companies will try to make you think otherwise. You will know this if you analyze their ads and mags. Haven't you seen that every new product is claiming to be the wonder, magical, gem. Folks, it is all hype and it will make your wallet suffer too.

This said, let's talk about creatine. All creatine really does is water retention. There is nothing muscle building in this stuff, therefore, no muscle mass gain. It is a waste of time, hard earned money and lots of sleep if you get sick from it. Hey , but what is a complaint without a suggestion? Worthless, like creatine.

FIRST, EAT 5 or 6 meals a day, 50%protein, 40%complex carbs and 10% fats and MAKE SURE YOU DRINK AT LEAST ONE GALLON OF WATER DAILY. THIS WILL DO THE TRICK (little fact here...real food is cheaper than bottled replicas). BUT IF YOU WANT A LITTLE EXTRA HELP, HERE IT GOES: ZINC. It's proven that 30 to 40 grams/day will raise testosterone levels up to 30%. Now, why it is not featured in mags. Hey, it costs $3.99 per bottle down at Kmart. MAGNESIUM is another lots for cents mineral. It has anti-catabolic and protein synthesis properties and is $2.99 per bottle. ALFA LIPOIC ACID (AFA) is proven to be an insulin enhancer and mimic. Another thing, you can expect to see a major supplements company putting the above on a bottle along with a magic exotic, special formula ingredient that will enhance the nutrient's performance and expecting you to pay $35.99 for a $4.99 mineral. Don't fall for them. Follow my guides and you will be taking your wife for dinner again.

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