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Consumer Review: Creatine-Induced Liver And Kidney Damage Is Well Documented In Several Reputable Studies.

About seven responses I've read here have had something in 'em like, "There have been no studies that show creatine has potentially harmful side effects," etc. There have been quite a few people citing "studies" in muscle and fitness magazine (c'mon people, do I have to spell it out for you? It's not exactly an unbiased source, and people believe what they want to believe).

For further reading: The New England Journal of Medicine, fer chrissakes:
"Interstitial Nephritis in a Patient Taking Creatine"

From American Family Physician: and

This is pretty unbiased information. The studies are well-documented. Heck, contact the researchers yourself. Tell 'em you can wring their scrawny leeetle lab-coat-wearing ratty necks with your beeeg strawng creatine-enhanced muhscles! But for god's sake shut up about how there are "no studies" backing up claims of liver and kidney damage. A cursory search on the web (your finger muscles haven't gotten so big and well-developed that they can't click on the mouse yet, have they?) will who you all you need to know.

For the record, I believe that you can effectively supplement your diet and enhance your performance, but I really don't like this mass-mind mentality that says, "Hey, everybody's doing it, and the doofy magazines that I consider deep reading say it's okay!" Go out. Look for yourself. There are enough case studies on creatine phosphate that I wouldn't take it in even the recommended doses. I'll stick to mild theophylline in the morning, and maybe a jolt of adrenaline from posting sarcastic remarks to idiots on the web for enhancing MY workout.

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